Baithak Company aims to connect humans with silence and stillness through practise of sound, movement and conscious living.

Our Engagements

Creating Conscious Connections

Our courses combine knowledge with experience. Each course is created with focus on practise that allows participants to experience the wide impacts of the vast knowledge encoded in traditional practices. Our courses encourage responsible questioning and reflective sharing. Each participant is provided with philosophical and practical tools to establish a deep connect themselves and the world around them.

A completely self-paced, online course.

This course focuses on the basic philosophical principles of the saint. We will understand the important historical facts and hear anecdotes.

The lessons will speak and elaborate on concepts like witnessing, seeing, acceptance, knowledge, letting go, balance etc.

We will understand Kabir’s lineage and connection with Nath Parampara, Sufism.

We will also learn about Kabir’s understanding of self, love, life, death, fear, fulfilment and purpose.

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Nada Yoga For Corporates

Curated training sessions and intensives which focus on stress relief and relaxation by using sound as the primary healing medium.


A month long intensive based on the principles of Nada Yoga that brings to you the healing benefits of sound practise.

Nada Yoga Retreat

Weekend retreats that focus on deep relaxation and exploring the benefits of sound practise. We curate sessions to suit the needs of the group and address specific requirements.

Voice Explorations

Curated explorations that focus on understanding our personal voice. How do we produce it? Why are we afraid to use it? How do we use it effectively? are some of the questions we address in these sessions.

Sakshi – The Art of Witnessing

A 15 day online course to understand the thought of saints and mystics about the concept of witnessing. A forum to read and deepen your understanding of the words of saints and philosophers. Insightful discussions to understand how these thoughts relate to our personal lives.

Unlock Your Self – The Kabir Way

A six week long immersive course that uses stories, readings, tasks and discussions to understand a different perspectives to live life to the fullest. This course engages participants in some life-changing exercises that enable questioning and reflection.